iceSomewhere along the line the concept that ice facilitates healing became conventional wisdom. In 1978, Gabe Mirkin, MD coined the term RICE….





Health care practitioners to laypersons are quick to recognize RICE as the ‘gold standard’ treatment option following injury. Josh Mirkin an Acquisitions Editor at Human Kinetics in Champaign, IL. reached out to Dr. Mirkin and asked for permission to share his story.  Read full article

 ice cubes  Within the traditions of Chinese Medicine, ice is never used as a course of treatment. Ice reduces swelling, inflamation and reduces pain, but at a cost. The cold will cause contraction to the muscles, tendons and ligaments, along with the local vessels and causes the blood and the lymphatic fluids to congeal in the affected area. According to Chinese Medicine, this approach causes the Qi and blood to stagnate which impedes on the natural healing process to occur. This in turn can prolong recovery, limit normal Range of Motion and may be vulnerable for recurring injuries.

” Ice is for dead people”~ ancient Chinese saying referenced through Tom Bisio .



The National Athletics Trainers Association found that ice was an over-simplified method and NOT effective at speeding up the healing process for a sprained ankle.

“The inflammation process assists in healing. We don’t want to interrupt that”, says Tom Kaminski, the lead on the study.

Therefore, the study also suggests you SKIP compression too, which had no real impact on recovery. Continue reading


Herbal Soaks

sinew herb3


chinese foot soak

Herbal soaks are a form of hydrotherapy used by practitioners of Chinese Medicine and Martial Artists; they are invaluable in treating  soft tissue injuries. Shaolin monks, Martial arts masters, and Taoist masters spent centuries on the development of this herbal formula. Dr. Jean Caron has prepared in his pharmacy, this ancient formula that has been used for centuries with great success in treating tight muscles and tendons, spasms, and muscle cramps.  Herbal soaks are primarily used to treat hand, foot, ankle, and wrist injuries. This formula can easily be applied  as a compress for larger areas such as the back and shoulders.

   Herbal Linaments

    There are herbal linaments for different stages of injuries such as:


JC sinew herb 2


  • Dit Da Jow: Use for bruises, sprains, and strains. (e.g Trauma and sports injuries)
  • Jin Yao Shui: Use for tendons, ligaments, and bones. (e.g Tendonitis, frozen shoulder, and tennis elbow)
  • San Huang San: Use as alternative to using ice. (e.g Acute sprains and strains, first 24 hrs)


The use of herbal formulas combined with Acupuncture treatment is very effective in accelerating the recovery time in traumatic and sports injuries.


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