In early March this year Dr. Caron had the pleasure of taking part in scalp acupuncture training under Dr. Jishun Hao in Orlando. Dr. Hao has been practicing scalp acupuncture for 30 years and was taught by the very founder of scalp acupuncture Dr. Shunfa Jiao. The specialty has been shared with Dr. Caron and he has seen amazing results using this method.


   Scalp acupuncture works as a conjunction between western brain mapping and the ancient chinese meridians. This method is very effective when dealing with many types of neurological disorders such as paralysis, tremors, siezures, cerebral palsy, post stroke, multiple sclerosis, and peripheral neuropathy.

  Click the link below to see an article on how so many impacting stories come from the technique that a short documentary praised Dr. Hao and his practice.

Doctors honored for neuro-acupuncture ‘Miracles’

Thank you Dr. Hao for spreading the knowledge and gift of healing to more acupuncturists like Dr. Caron.

Dr. Hao and Dr. Caron during the Orlando class.

Dr. Hao and Dr. Caron during the Orlando class.


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