Below you will find one of my all time favorite passages, which I believe is a great state of mind to begin healing. 

Dr. Jean Caron


Chapter 76

Tao Te Ching (Dao De Jing) by Lao Tzu

Classic of the Way and Virtue


Soft and Supple is Best, Yielding is Wise, Tenderness…  戒強


A man living is yielding and receptive.

Dying, he is rigid and inflexible.

All Things, the grass and trees:

Living, they are yielding and fragile;

Dying, they are dry and withered.


Thus those who are firm and inflexible

Are in harmony with dying.

Those who are yielding and receptive

Are in harmony with living.

Therefore an inflexible strategy will not triumph:

An inflexible tree will be attacked.

The position of the highly inflexible will descend;

The position of the yielding and receptive will ascend.


   A passage of Lao Tzu, A new translation of the Tao Te Ching by R.L. Wing


Through their observation of nature, those who follow the Tao know that what survives on

earth is that which easily adapts to the changing circumstances in the environment. It is

because the universe is evolving that all things in it are developing and changing.

Therefore any inflexibility in systems of belief, in patterns of behavior, or in habits of

physical or intellectual nourishment, can cause one to respond to external stimuli in a way

that leads to extinction. Similar situations should not necessarily elicit the same

responses through time — because in time everything changes. Fixed and unintuitive

responses will stop personal growth and will put one in harmony with dying. Cultivating

flexibility, on the other hand, will fine-tune the instinctive responses, so that one might,

indeed, inherit the earth.

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