Multiple Sclerosis (MS):


Wikiimage MSI have MS.  The last neurologist I saw spent 6 minutes with me and wrote out another new prescription.  That was the turning point for me. After more than 10 years of medication, hospital stays, constant pain and a new prescription with each doctor visit, I was getting very discouraged of ever having a better quality of life.  I had read that acupuncture may help with the symptoms of MS so I found an acupuncturist that specializes in Neurology. After one visit with Dr. Caron, I cried.  They were tears of joy.  For the first time in 10 years, I walked out of a doctor’s office feeling better than when I went in.  That has never happened in my life.  I am pain free, not vibrating and no more prescription medicine.  

This is how good he really is…….He said he could feel the vibration in my right arm…..I didn’t tell him my arm was vibrating and he did not touch my arm. he was just standing next to me….

He’s very kind, patient and spends more than an hour with me with each visit.  

I brought my husband in yesterday for a first visit.  He has sinus issues and leg spasms.  He is a long haul trucker and rarely needs to see a doctor.  Dr. Caron is just magic.  I am so thankful to have finally found a doctor that can actually make the patient feel better.  This is a first.

For anyone out there not getting better, try Dr, Caron.  He’s just awesome!

Karen R.

Edgewater, FL


Post Stoke:


Stroke treatment 2About 5 years ago I suffered a severe stroke which left me paralyzed on my left side.  There also were other existing medical and stroke-related  conditions.   After a month of recovery in rehab, with  hyperbaric treatments and physical therapy, I  gained some improvement.  However, I was always extremely fatigued.  It  was not until my second year of home recovery  that I was referred to Four Winds.  Despite the fatigue,  I added weekly acupuncture and nutritional therapy, in addition to maintaining physical therapy.  My walking improved along with the use of my left arm – even some of my fingers regained movement.  This took at least a year or more of support, patience, time and effort.  It is now 3 years later, but the results are there.  I’m grateful to have met Jean Caron of Four Winds who steadily encouraged and supported me in achieving the success I enjoy today.  The physical therapy which I continue is basic to my recovery, along with the acupuncture and has resulted  in upward, steady improvement and mobility.   Even my blood pressure meds were recently reduced due to my excellent readings.    It is critical to stay focused, energized and hopeful  in stroke recovery. Thanks to Jean Caron of Four Winds, I remain encouraged, improved and optimistic  for a fairly complete recovery.

Jack M.

Pierson, FL


Peripheral Vascular Disease (PVA):


Florence Peripheral Vascular Disease pvaIt had been about 6 months since I had a Revascularization of my right leg and one toe amputation due to Peripheral Vascular Disease when I started Treatment with Doctor Caron at Four Winds Acupuncture. At the time I could hardly walk even with the aid of a walker. Dr. Caron has been treating me with Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs. “I can now walk well with just a cane, my other toe no longer needed amputation and my health has greatly improved. My friends remark about how well I look.” The last time my Primary Care Physician examined me he said “whatever it is you’re doing, keep doing it.” All my lab test came back perfect. I will be forever grateful to Dr. Jean Caron for his great skill in the use of Acupuncture and Chinese herbs.

Florence N.
Daytona Beach, FL




Lorreta NeuropathyI have had pain and numbness in my feet for years. I searched around for years for someone to help me. The pain and numbness was so bad at times I could not walk. I have been to several specialists for help and no one could help me. I called an Acupuncturist and was told to go see Jean Caron in Ormond Beach and was advised “He is the best around when it comes to Neuropathy.” On April 23, 2012 I had my consultation visit. On April 25, 2012 I had my first treatment and have been going every week. “I am so proud to say I can walk again with no pain.” Acupuncture is a miracle for me and I will continue to go. I thank Jean so much for helping me.

Loretta J.
Seville, FL


Sciatica, numbness and ankle sprain:

I had been suffering from multiple herniated discs with sciatica and numbness in my great toe. I had injured my right ankle with a severe high ankle sprain with torn ligaments a year ago. I had my ankle casted and had worn an air cast for months. The severe pain in my ankle continued to the extreme that I could not have a sheet rest on my ankle and slept with my foot off of the mattress as I could not tolerate the pressure of laying on the mattress. My back pain has been with me for decades and I have had great difficulty with simple walking, sitting,and bending. The sciatic pain had become so debilitating that my doctor sent me to a pain management clinic. At this point in my life I decided to try acupuncture. I am a practicing RN and was not very confident that it would help, but I did not want to follow the western medicine treatment of narcotics for the rest of my life. My first treatment with Dr.Jean Caron was just short of a miracle.” The first needle that he placed to treat my ankle gave me immediate pain relief ! Dr. Caron then proceeded to treat my back pain and the numbness in my great toe was resolved with the first treatment. “Freedom from many years of debilitating pain and numbness brought a huge smile to my face, tears of joy and a calming of my spirit!” After two treatments and taking my personal Chinese formula herbal medicine, my ankle and back pain are resolved. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
RN Michele M.
Ormond Beach, FL


Cerebral Palsy & Seizures


Zack2 Cerebral Palsy & SeizuresMy son Zack has Cerebral Palsy. He was in and out of the hospital 9 years of his life and took several medications in an attempt to keep him healthy. His Cerebral Palsy brought on several other conditions including severe asthma, chronic bronchitis and he had aspirate pneumonia four times which scarred his right lung. His entire life has been going to the pulmonologist every 2 to 3 months. The steroids and antibiotics didn’t seem to improve his breathing. He also had severe seizures that varied from 30 to 100 times per week even when he was on seizure medication. Nothing seemed to help Zack until October 2006 when we went to see Jean Caron and started having treatments of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. Since then, he has not had any breathing problems. He was seizure free for at least 5 months! His seizures now average from 1 to 3 a month.

Julie W. (Mother)
Kissimee, FL


Sciatic Pain


I have been suffering with Sciatica, knee and Low Back pain for many years. Earlier this year my pain became much worse. I had an MRI and was told I had three herniated discs in my back. My primary care physician sent me to pain management facility. The doctors there wanted to inject my back with steroids. I was nervous about this procedure as they could not tell me for sure if it would work. I left there very unsure and confused. I had heard about acupuncture but never thought it could help me. I made an appointment with Jean Caron and “what happened next I could not believe. After only one acupuncture treatment my sciatic pain was 75% better and my knee was at least 50% better. My life is back on track. All those years of suffering never knowing that acupuncture would help me.” Jean Caron is highly professional, caring and listens while you explain your symptoms and treats your pain accordingly. After three treatments I am free of the pain and all pain medication, I couldn’t be more pleased.

J. A.
Port Orange, FL


Incontinence / Dropped Bladder


I am 81 years of age. I was dealing with incontinence for several years. I had surgery 3 years ago, the procedure consisted of repositioning the bladder. Although the surgery helped with the dropped bladder, I was still suffering from incontinence and pain. I was referred by a friend to Acupuncturist, Jean Caron, initially for back pain which was resolved quickly. The first visit included an extensive exam, involving past health history, looking at my tongue, and feeling my pulse. Jean mentioned that he may be able to help with my other symptoms as well such as the incontinence and a stomach ulcer. Now I can say “I am no longer suffering with incontinence, bladder pain, no more stomach discomfort and I have more energy.”

I am extremely happy with the results.
Thank you
E. M.
Ormond Beach, FL


Bell’s Palsy / Facial Paralysis


I was diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy by an MD and a Neurologist. The Medical doctors told me it could take 6 to 9 months to recover. Jean Caron, was recommended by an acupuncture physician of Portland, Oregon. After 4 treatments every other day Dr. Caron has restored 60% of my muscle use on my face.” I am now able to completely close my eye, frown, and my smile is almost back to normal.” I thank Dr. Caron. I am greatly “pleased” with the results of his treatments.

Thanks Jean for the help.
Edward O.
Billings, Montana


Angie’s List Review:


Approx. Appointment Date: May 04, 2009
Last Modified Date: May 14, 2012
Use this Provider Again: Yes

Description of Experience:

Dr. Caron is my acupuncturist. “He cured my foot and knee pain after a surgery.”
Member Comments:
He studied in China. He is excellent. He really knows his stuff. His staff consists of him and one
another woman.

Ponce Inlet, FL


Chronic Intestinal pain, Polymyalgia and fatigue:


Before my first acupuncture treatment and taking some herbal tea formulas, I suffered with Post rectal cancer and severe intestinal spasms, constant fatigue, joint and muscle pain. “Now, those symptoms no longer interfere with my daily routine. Thanks to Jean Caron for his professional expertise and care, I am enjoying an active life.”

N. E.
Ormond Beach, FL


Ruptured and Bulging disc:


I was injured lifting weights. I was left with a ruptured and two bulging disc in my lower back. I was in a lot of pain and my left leg and foot was going numb. I had visited a neurologist and was told that I may need surgery to repair the damage. I went to Four Winds Acupuncture and after the first initial treatment with Jean the pain went away immediately. “I was able to bend down and touch the floor for the first time in months.” After a few treatments I was able to walk without pain and resume exercises. “Most importantly, I did not have to have surgery and believe without this treatment I would have had surgery.” During my appointments Jean went above and beyond my expectations. He was always professional and made a point of educating me on what he was doing. The results I have experienced have been tremendous. I would recommend Four Winds Acupuncture to anybody in need.

Christopher J.
Daytona Beach, FL


Low back pain Sprain/Strain:


Being a nurse, I’ve had several work related injuries to my low back. Jean at Four Winds “Acupuncture was always able to relieve the pain affectively so I can resume my duties at the hospital”. The office is clean and relaxing. his professional expertise assured me that acupuncture was the right choice. I highly recommend Four Winds Acupuncture.

Daytona Beach, FL


Radiating neck and low back pain:


“Thanks to you I have had the whole summer pain free”


Sarcoidosis, Shortness of breath and fatigue:


 Dear Jean,

 I just wanted to thank you once again for all your incredible support and time you have devoted to me ever since I have come to you, but especially during this latest ordeal.  When I come into your office, you make me feel more than just one of the patients – perhaps our conversations about the world, culture, arts, etc., contribute to that too – but then I guess healing the body is indeed healing the “whole” person. 

 I also want you to know that you have been really my “life-line” not just last year with my back, but especially this past week.  The amazing “quality” of breathing and overall energy I have felt since getting out of the hospital has been overwhelming!!  I know I need the “western” drugs right now for the treatment, but I wanted you to know that I strongly believe that your treatments are aiding me just as much.  I don’t think I would be doing as well as I am this week without your invaluable help!  So, just wanted to take the minute to say that without taking up too much of your time in the office.

 Thank you from the bottom of my heart!  See you Friday in the office.

Happy New Year!



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