Jean S Caron, the lead natural health physician at our Ormond Beach Wellness & Health Center, will begin your Health Evaluation by giving you a gentle and thorough examination.  It is an initial evaluation of where your body and mind stand, where imbalances might come from, and from which therapies you might receive the most benefit.

Jean will begin with a comprehensive History and General evaluation. Jean will customize his evaluation to yourself and share his philosophy of natural health as he goes along.  Based on his findings he will recommend an individualized holistic program, including any possible energy balancing treatments, diet recommendations, and herbal medicine if necessary.

We share the frustration when patients have not yet been diagnosed with a conventional disease; wondering what’s wrong with them.

Even after having several diagnostic test, blood work, MRI’s etc.. and having their General Doctors say all of the test are “all good, normal”, and still you feel that something is wrong or wonder  why do I continue to have these malaise.


“Wow! You can tell all that by looking at my tongue, ear and taking my pulse” 


“Don’t know if you can help me…

my doctors can’t find anything wrong with me”


These Western Medical Diagnostic tools are all cutting edge technology and we are fortunate to have these sophisticated devices find what’s wrong with us. These Western Medical Diagnostic tools has helped millions of us as well as saving millions of lives. There is no doubt that these tools are needed in the medical field.  

When machines can’t find a diseases, it doesn’t mean that you are free from disease or have a name or label for what you are suffering from.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is a full medical system that has been used to find and treat diseases for over 3,000 years. The Chinese diagnosis will not reveal the known labels or name of a disease, as we know it in the West, but will identify the pattern that causes your disease, as well as treat it and restore balance or disharmony for a better quality of life. Traditional Medicine is an “Integrative Medicine” Your healing with us can be accomplished while being treated or tested  by your team of conventional doctors.

You may bring you diagnostic reports or finding although they’re important but not necessary for us to evaluate or start treatment.



A Healthier Self… Is a Truer Self.

Designed to bring you in the path of optimal physical, emotional, nutritional and balanced wellness.


The physician will discuss with you the implications of your current lifestyle and share his perspective on the health benefits of an authentic and natural life that includes movement and exercise, personal growth, and the areas you can focus on to achieve a healthier and truer self.

During this visit, you’ll also receive a Moving Well Consultation. You’ll gain a new perspective on the true benefits of movement and exercise, then receive an assessment of your range of motion and current level of activity. We will discuss with you how these components contribute to your health.

Depending on your current state of energy balance and health Jean will recommend a comprehensive health program to help your body heal in a holistic and lasting manner. Healing starts the moment you address your body’s needs and begin to implement the program. Healing begins promptly and accelerates as you continue with the program and all imbalances are addressed and help each other in getting to the healthier truer you.

Are You Ready to Begin the Healing into a Truer and Healthier Self?


dr jean s caron holistic doctor ormon daytona volusia flYou can Contact us now to schedule your Health Evaluation with Jean Caron. You can look forward to a comprehensive exam during which you will be able to ask all of your questions and get prepared to begin your healing and ready for a vibrant future!

Contact us via email, or call us at 386-677-5400 for more information, or to schedule your Comprehensive Health Evaluation.

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