For many people, just the thought of needles is very intimidating and can be a deal breaker for someone considering acupuncture. If you are one of those individuals there are other treatment options that don’t involve needles! Traditional Chinese Medicine uses many different techniques that are very effective for treating pain and illness.

Some of your other options are:

Auricular Seed Therapy. The ear is covered with acupoints that correspond with systems in the entire body. A health diagnosis can even be made by simply looking at the ear. After locating the exact points needed to help the condition Dr. Caron applies small seeds with medical tape. The seeds stay in place for about a week and you activate the points by giving them a squeeze throughout your day. The area may be tender  from the seeds, but there are no needles involved.

World renowned in auricular medicine, Dr. Huang LiChun trained Dr. Caron.

Cupping/Gua Sha. These are both massage methods that release toxins trapped in the tissues. Cupping uses suction, like a reverse massage, to pull the skin and tissues outward. This opens up the area to allow better circulation and pull toxins to the surface to be released. Gua Sha involves using a tool with a smooth edge along the targeted area with pressure and friction to stimulate and release blockages that can cause pain and illness.

Chinese Herbal Medicine.  Herbal medicine is very effective and commonly used along with acupuncture to get the best results. Dr. Caron can personalize an herbal formula specific to your needs and it can be taken on it’s own if you want to skip the needles.

Moxibustion. Moxa is used to apply heat to the area in need. It promotes circulation and energy. Moxibustion isn’t used to treat all conditions but it may be an option for some.

After seeing results from the other types of treatments you may change your mind and be willing to try the needles to amplify healing. But if you still prefer to avoid needles, just know there are other effective options!

Contact us to schedule a consultation with Dr. Caron if you have questions about the different treatment options and what may work best for you.


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