“The Way to Natural Health
-Achieving Wellness One Needle at a Time-”

Four Winds Acupuncture is designed to provide the best possible care in Traditional Chinese Medicine and integrative medicine.

Dedicated to our patients, Four Winds Acupuncture is committed to help achieve optimal health and well-being. Our facility is organized to create a clean, relaxed and healing environment.


The leading Integrative Wellness & Holistic Health Center in Ormond Beach, FL.

Front Four Winds Acupuncture - Ormond Beach, FL and Daytona Beach, FL - Google MapsLead by Acupuncture Physician and Doctor of Oriental Medicine Jean S Caron;  Four Winds Acupuncture in Ormond Beach FL,  is designed to create a healthful and relaxing healing environment with physician guided care.

With a full Chinese Herbal Pharmacy that contains hundreds of single herbs and classic formulas that enable us to create custom prescriptions that we can modify to fit each patient’s unique needs on the same day of your visit. 

“A Holistic Medical approach to your health issues dedicated to bring back vibrancy to your life…”


Easily Accessible in the center of Ormond Beach, and very close to Daytona in Volusia County, FL


Our physician team is unique in its integrative approach to your health. We help our patients discover the roots of their health issues and treat them in a holistic personalized manner. No two patients are alike, our physicians aim to understand your history and your body’s and mind’s current state and will recommend a treatment program just for you to bring you to your maximum state of health.

We encourage your body to heal itself in a natural way.  We believe that your body’s natural inclination is towards full health and happiness; we treat any blockages that might get in the way of your natural energy paths with the treatments that might work best with your body type. 

This natural approach helps us to avoid many of the pitfalls of conventional medicine, which may cover up your symptoms, while creating further blockages, and not encouraging a full and vibrant recovery of your energy levels and health.    

Our goal is to understand you and your current health state to encourage it to heal itself. 

Our integrative physicians will spend the time needed to understand your condition, and to be able to get at the root causes of your symptoms. We go above and beyond the limits of conventional medicine and its restrictions in time and doctor availability to learn about your body. We will discover the root causes of your current state and personalize out treatment fo you, our patient and new friend.  


Our Wellness Center is designed to bring about relaxation in an intimate envionment conducive to healing with physician guided care.

Our Wellness Center in Volusia County FL,  is designed to bring about relaxation in an intimate envionment conducive to healing with physician guided care.


dr jean s caron holistic doctor ormon daytona volusia flYou can Contact us now to schedule your Health Evaluation with Jean Caron. You can look forward to a comprehensive exam during which you will be able to ask all of your questions and get prepared to begin your healing and ready for a vibrant future!

Contact us via email, or call us at 386-677-5400 for more information, or to schedule your Comprehensive Health Evaluation.

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