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We know we’ve done our job when patients share their joy of feeling better and say their doctors said they can be off their of their prescribed drugs or that they no longer need to have surgery.

It can be frustrating and costly trying to achieve wellness on your own taking unnecessary supplements based on what you read about in magazines or internet and trial and error from the health food store.

At our clinic in Ormond Beach FL, we can guide you in achieving natural wellness with a qualified physician using a drug free natural holistic approach.

At Four Winds Acupuncture our inventory consist of hundreds of single herbs and classic formulas and only use quality pharmaceutical grade herbs.

 Your condition may not allow you to function without some pharmaceutical drugs but you may be surprise that you can go without a lot of the over prescribed or unnecessary pharmaceutical drugs you are taking.

Our goal is to help you get well, and get the vibrant health and energy your life deserves, and for you and your prescribing doctor to have a conversation to help you to be drug free.

Most doctors would agree that as you are get better they would be happy to help you to achieve your goals.

Chinese Herbal Medicine is another modality within the realm of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Chinese Herbal Medicine is safe and effective and can be incorporated or integrated with any treatment already in progress whether conventional (western medicine) or any other form of medicine already in progress.  

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Four Winds Acupuncture uses the highest quality herbs to provide you with a carefully crafted individualized herbal prescription made and tested at our wellness center.

The art of creating an effective formula relies on the practionner skills and understanding of the patients pattern discrimination according to a Chinese medical evaluation or differential.

We can create an effective herbal formula on site using Crude (raw), Extract powder, and/or pill form  to suit your individual needs or requirement.

In creating a well balance herbal formula, the practionner combines and balance the amount of individual herbs to maximize the therapeutic effect  addressing the patients symptoms, and the underlying root cause of a vast majority of chronic or acute medical conditions while minimizing harmful side effects.   

Every batch of herbs is tested for freshness, potency, and carefully stored by Herbalist Jean Caron.

Every batch of herbs is tested for freshness, potency, and carefully stored by Chinese Medical Herbalist Jean Caron.


Western Herbal Medicine Vs. Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine


Both Western and Chinese Herbal Medicine can be very helpful and healing.

Western Herbal Medicine’s approach will treat disease or symptoms. Ex: Headache, Common cold, menstrual pain, etc. using single herbs or groups of herbs which treat the same symptom or disease

Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine (TCM) approach treats the individual pattern that causes disease and can only be done effectively by the ability of a qualified of TCM practionner.

The herbal prescription is designed to treat both the symptoms or disease and also their individual pattern.

 A typical TCM herbal formula will be made with a specific hierarchy:

Chief herb: Addresses the main principle problem.

Deputy herbs: Supports and works in synergy to support the chief herb while addressing secondary signs and symptoms.

Assistant herbs:  They assist and reinforce the effects of other herbs. They are also considered for reducing or eliminate unwanted side effect within the formula.

Envoy herbs:  They are used to harmonize and guide the therapeutic effect to the location or area of disease.

 With this in mind the therapeutic effect can be targeted directly in the problem area versus wasting the therapeutic effect where it’s not necessarily needed.

 Here at for Winds Acupuncture in Ormond Beach FL, we are proud to be one of the few certified in Chinese herbal medicine by the (NCCAOM)  National Certification Commission of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.


Chinese herbal medicine, also known as Chinese herbology, is one of the primary modalities within the scope of Oriental medicine.




dr jean s caron holistic doctor ormon daytona volusia flYou can Contact us now to schedule your Health Evaluation with Jean Caron. You can look forward to a comprehensive exam during which you will be able to ask all of your questions and get prepared to begin your healing and ready for a vibrant future!

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